Message from Prime Minister Philip Davis, QC, MP

It is my pleasure to invite you to attend the first-ever Bahamas Conference of Youth on Climate Change, an exciting event that will bring together young people from our shores and beyond to discuss innovative climate solutions.

The climate crisis is an enormous threat to The Bahamas and other vulnerable Small Island Developing States. If global emissions are not slowed, our country will look very different from the country we love today. Rising sea levels will cause our islands to disappear, drought will impact our food security, and warmer waters are likely to bring more catastrophic storms like Hurricane Dorian.

Your generation didn’t create this crisis, but your generation has the ingenuity to build a future in which the changing climate no longer poses an existential threat. That is the inspiration for this Conference and we believe your activism is essential.

Please register for free sessions and training at UB from July 6-8. The courses are intended to increase capacity and facilitate knowledge sharing. This opportunity will be highly interactive, allowing for dynamic exchanges between local and international students on the importance of climate action now. In other words, it won’t be boring!

At the end of the Conference, I’ll be presented with your ideas and perspectives so that when we attend COP27 this November, we’ll be well prepared to fight for our country’s future on the international stage.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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